Fred’s Rant Episode 7 Fred on Pizza

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On this episode I rant about what pisses me off about fast food. I then talk on and on about the $15 dollar hour debate and then I finish up with the truth about the right and how fixing this will take all of voting blue. Join me on this episode Fred’s Rant. 

The Fredselfish Show Episode 3 On Being Sick and Late

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On this episode I talk about the heavy handed things that need to be talk about along with a few news articles. Also just so we know this episode is late due to me being sick and no one else was around to make sure it was uploaded on time. For that I apologize. Will make it up next week with a much longer Fred’s Rant and a better episode of this show. Hopefully.

Fred’s Rant Episode 6 Rant On QT

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In this weeks episode I tell you what pisses me off about lines and how fucked they are. I then tell you all about one store in particular and how they are fucking up. I also going tell you how cellphone companies are ripping us off and not goddamn thing we can do about it. Also lights and how fuck they are. And last false advertising and how it has to stop. This and more.

The Fredselfish Show Episode 2 Fred on Fred

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On this weeks episodes I tell you all about where I came up with the name of Fredselfish. I make announcement for the coming month and I get in to great detail on some of my favorite shows. And on Work Sucks we talk about what sucks about busy work. This and more on this weeks episode.

And for those interested in the article I spoke about click   Here.

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Fred’s Rant On Monopoly

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On this weeks episode I tell you what pisses me off when programs don’t work the way they should. And how banks are ripping us all off with their fees and bank practices. Then I tell you what pisses me off about monopoly’s and how they are ruining this country. This and much more on Fred’s Rant.

Update to this. I know I said in last weeks episode that this show be put under a paywall. Well as you can see I have decieded to keep this one free. I feel that this show should be for all people. We will be making changes to Work Sucks and all of you have listen to the all new Fredselfish Show. Thank you and see you next week

The Fredselfish Show Episode One

 Welcome to the polite to the all new Fredselfish show. In this episode I will go over all things that I love about talk radio and how I think we are moving backwards with our streaming services. I will also read some news articles and discuss my thoughts on them. Here are links to the articles:
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Fred’s Rant Episode 4 On Bicycles

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 In this weeks episode I rant about how it pisses me off when bicyclist take over the streets and run down the side of the highways. Also how crowds get in the way of having fun. And last I get down deep and dirty on how I feel that politics are a issue and how we can and should fix the mess. And it goes beyond voting. All these and more on this weeks Fred’s Rant.

Work Sucks Episode 4 Fredselfish Talks Call Centers

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Here is the photo of I promise of my first setup of selling blankets

In this weeks episode I went over the many ways that in call centers suck.  And with me today was Matt. As I talk about all the different call centers that I work at and all the ways that I found they suck. Weather it had been the pay, or the length in that they last, down to dealing with the customers. And for more Work Sucks  check out on  Patreon for the bonus content which is available now so go to

You can find Matt over at Youtube   So Check it out and as always see you next Tuesday