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Fred’s Rant Bonus Episode 1 On Feminism


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This is the first bonus episode for Fred’s Rant. This one is on what pisses me off about Feminism. From the true problem with the # Me Too  Movement on and on how the whole feminism as been taken over from equal rights to men are bad. So hop on board while I piss tons of women off with this bonus episode of Fred’s Rant.

Fred’s Rant Episode 3 On Four Way Stops


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Fredselfish on Four Way Stops: This weeks episode I tell you what pisses me off about Dominos pizza guy, to waiting in line. Along with nosy people, and how four way stop signs suck. And a lot more!

Work Sucks Episode 3 Fredselfish on Selling Blankets

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Come check out the latest episode of Work Sucks:Fredselfish on Selling Blankets: In this episode I go into all the different types of sales jobs that suck. From car sales men, to multi marketing and going door to door. And I also talk about my experience in selling blankets and the the month I went on the road selling cleaner door to door. So join me as we talk about why work sucks.


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Road Rage With Fredselfish Episode 1

Work Sucks Bonus Episode 1

It is the best place to catch all the latest episodes of the Works Sucks and Fred’s Rant as well get excullisve access to bonus content that you can’t find anywhere else. Also if you sign up you can take advantage of the all new Road Rage with Fred. It is short podcast episodes that I record when out and about and something pisses me off. And we have some exciting stuff coming in the future.